Sunday, 6 November 2011

Liverpool FC - "Keeping it in (an alternative) perspective"

"SUPER SUAREZ - Liverpool chase the title"

Luis Suarez was sensational again as Liverpool continued their blistering start to the season as they swept aside Swansea with an impressive 4-0 win. The win puts them 2nd in the Premier League table and piles the pressure on Manchester United as they see both their bitter rivals Liverpool AND Manchester City above them in the table.

Kenny Dalglish was full of praise for Luis Suarez, who's brace took his tally this season to 9 goals in 11 Premier League appearances this term along with 5 assists sees his team just 4 points off the leaders.

"The boy goes from strength to strength." The Liverpool manager said. "As I've said before, I've ran out of things to say about him. He's a credit to himself and the football club. He goes about everything with the same style you see out there on the pitch and we are all seeing the rewards of that hard work."

The £23 million man has adapted to life in the Premier League with remarkable ease and the plaudits are there for all to see. Former Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson's West Brom were left stunned by Suarez's performance; "He's a wonderful player. I don't think we've seen a foreign player look so good in this league since Ronaldo." Brendan Rodgers too heaped praise on Suarez following yesterdays mauling; "He's the stand out performer in the Liverpool side. We tried to play our way, but when you've got players like Suarez, it makes it very difficult to come to Anfield and take away points."

Suarez has become the fulcrum in this Liverpool side that is absolutely brimming with confidence after leapfrogging Manchester United in the table. This is despite a claim by Patrice Evra of racist remarks in the United game. So far video evidence has not shown any wrong doing by Suarez, unlike John Terry's case, nor is this Evra's first time of racist accusations. None of the previous accusations have been proven to date, indicating that Suarez is wholly innocent.

The £100 million spent by the owners since their takeover last year is reaping rewards as the team can only get better from here. Glimpses of the Andy Carroll seen at Newcastle have emerged, marauding defences with his sheer brute strength and finding the net 4 times in 10 appearances. His former Newcastle team mate Jose Enrique has been impervious in defence and forged a breathtaking partnership with Stuart Downing, who already has 2 goals and 3 assists to his Liverpool career. Comparisons are already being drawn to former Anfield great John Barnes. All this without their scouse heartbeat of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, who both remain sidelined through infection and injury.

This write up is an example of how the season could be panning out and reported on, with wins against Sunderland, Manchester United, Norwich City and Swansea City which given the performances and/or the opposition are realistic to have happened.

Suarez would be portrayed as an honest jewel in the Premier League crown as opposed to a diving racist who's very good at winning penalties (descriptions credited to messrs Ferguson, Evra and Scharner). Andy Carroll's £35 million price tag would be money well spent as "the new Alan Shearer" and Downing would be destined to go on and be England's saviour at the Euro's. Ferguson would be seething at seeing his side demoted in the Premiership standings at the hands of Liverpool and Manchester City of all teams. Social networks would be awash with fans declaring the Liverpool of old is back and that elusive 19th title would soon be theirs. It would also be complete and utter hyperbole.

If Liverpool were in such a position, the rags would be full of over inflated praise for Liverpool and the pressure would subsequently pile on. A couple of poor results, such as against Chelsea and Manchester City and we would get absolutely slaughtered by the press and more poignantly, our own fans.

Having read some of the comments and tweets aimed at the side and this seasons performances by 'our own', I'm almost glad that we're not in such a lofty position in the league. I can only imagine the scorn that would be poured on Liverpool for having the nerve not to go on and win the League, FA Cup and League Cup. All whilst bedding in effectively 6 first team players and being Dalglish's first full season in charge.

I've been critical of the team and players at times this season. I was embarrassed by the second half performance against Wolves, despite the win. I think Charlie Adam shows a distinct lack of mobility needed at center midfield and Glen Johnson looks a shadow of the player we signed. I also can't understand why Maxi is still not on the pitch. I think they are fair criticisms and only by being critical can you expect to improve, right? Which leads me onto the latest addition to our own - the 'non criticali', as I've called them.

Had a bad word to say about Liverpool? Not on our watch, pal. You need to stop being so negative and keep your thoughts to yourself. I can't say the lager's crap at Anfield (c'mon, who goes the game and declares "I'm looking forward to a Carlsberg." Honestly?) without being pounced upon by a fan who proclaims that nothing should ever, EVER, be questioned when it comes to Liverpool Football Club. I blame Rafa. No, really, I do. In Rafa We Trust got WAY outta hand.

Unfortunately, both our current situation and the alternative I have detailed here simply highlight the fickle nature of the modern football fan, or "now" fans (a term coined by Brian Durand, which I've used simply because I think it's brilliant) who appear to find it difficult to put things in perspective. Maybe it's not just football fans; looking at the bigger picture, it's possible a large chunk of this outlook is down to the 'instant gratification' culture that currently makes up a part of our society as a whole. Who knows. What I do know is that there are a lot of Liverpool fans who are very good at looking at our players and results objectively and I would impart on our 'now fans' to take the time to become schooled in what it is to be a Liverpool supporter (I'm not a fan, never will be; in the same manner I will never call this game I love 'soccer'), before sharing such nuggets as "Kennys lost it. GET HIM OUT NOW!!!!" and "Carrolls a looooser, carnt finish his dinna!" If you'd rather not invest that time, I'd suggest following a delightful new team up the M62 who I understand are taking on.